Nutrient Cycling

  Nutrient cycling is the phrase used to describe nothing more than periodising your macronutrient and overall calorie intake over a set period of time. Most people are familiar with cycling carbohydrates around training days AKA Carb Cycling, but it can be used to serve other purposes. Another way a cyclical carbohydrate intake can be… Read More


Do We Really Benefit From Eliminating Carbs At Breakfast?

  It seems that more and more people are removing carbs at breakfast in an effort to improve body composition. From Bullet-proof coffee & carb backloading to Charles Poliquin’s meat and nut breakfasts for optimal neurotransmitter function and body composition. All, are classed as meal timing strategies as fat loss is said to be induced… Read More

girl eating steak

Meat Is Not As Deadly As Smoking

Well, done the Daily Mail, Guardian & Telegraph, you certainly caused a stir. Now me and many others have to come along and reaffirm the public that protein is fine, because whilst your opinion is highly respected and believed, it is in fact wrong. Now I, a measly personal trainer with a keen interest in… Read More


4 Things That Don’t Work For Fat Loss

  1. Detoxing Let’s be honest, Detoxing doesn’t usually claim weight loss but there are some sneaky health guru’s that seem to think that it does. Usual claims are; ‘’Helping the body cleanse itself of toxins & pollutants caused by the excesses of a busy life'' ‘’Preserving the nutrients which are particularly depleted by alcohol… Read More


Benefits Of Vitamin D Supplementation

As we approach the end of the winter period, i’v made some interesting observations that I think are worth sharing, but before I do, first some background info…. Every year in the northern and southern latitudes around January to April when the days are darker & colder there is a noticeable drop in energy levels… Read More


Margarine vs Butter

Butter vs Margarine For the last few decades we have been warned against eating large amounts of saturated fat. Foods such as bacon, steak, eggs and butter have all traditionally been perceived as unhealthy. The health scare originated from links between saturated fat, high cholesterol and heart disease. However, today, in 2014 & after a… Read More


Should We Eat Every Two Hours To Lose Weight?

  Eating Every Two Hours It’s been practiced, preached & written about for practically decades. Eat every two hours to keep your metabolism up which allows you to burn more calories and therefore lose more weight. The grim picture painted by low metabolisms is one where some poor soul who forgot to have breakfast will… Read More


The Metabolic Damage Myth

  We’ve been hearing a lot of about metabolic damage recently after Layne Norton coined the term, mentioning lots of clients who had been on <1000kcal diets, not gaining weight and being severely stressed and burnt out. The effect of this was a surge of people who suddenly appeared online claiming that they also had… Read More


3 Things That Don’t Go Well With A Low-Carb Diet

Low carb diets are everywhere. They’ve been dubbed as the simple solution to anyones fat loss problems and have taken the place of the low fat diet craze of the 80s. It's gone from strength to strength from the Atkins diet all the way to the modern day 'Paleo diet’, but as much as it’s… Read More


Why I Don’t Read Newspapers

I love waking up with a strong black coffee and reading the morning paper as much as anyone else, however one thing has started getting to me. A lot of the times that I read anything health or fitness related, the information is either blatently false or wrongly portrayed. I think part of the reason… Read More

post workout shake

The End Of The Post Workout Shake?

  Post workout shakes have been around since they were first consumed by the bodybuilders of the 70’s. Nowadays they are common-place in almost any health, fitness & sport setting & almost everyone is in agreement that they are beneficial (something uncommon for the fitness industry). As research on protein supplementation develops, it seems that… Read More


Benefits Of BCAA Supplementation

We’ve all heard of the benefits of BCAA supplementation and the role they can play with fat loss, muscle building & intermittent fasting, but with its popularity rising, it’s important we educate ourselves into how BCAA's can benefit us. Merely classing supplements as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is a dangerous and often-times expensive strategy. We are… Read More

Olympic Weightlifting Video - Screenshot

Olympic Weightlifting Videos

Olympic Lifting Session from Ash on Vimeo. A short video of me developing my technique in the Snatch. The errors I am in the process of correcting are; 1. Elbow Positioning 2. Feet staying grounded 3. Full Body extension… Read More


Why You Cant Seem To Lose Weight

Cant Seem To Lose Weight? Have you ever been tempted by a bag of sweets in the house whilst your on a 'diet'? You think about eating one but quickly realise you shouldn't. You start justifying why you should over the next hour until finally deciding that just one would be ok. Reaching for it… Read More

sugar loaf

Video: Climbing Rio De Janeiro   Here is the footage of our climb in Rio de Janeiro up Sugar Loaf mountain. The Sugar loaf (aka Pao de Acucar) sits right in the heart of the city of rio, looking over Copacabana, Ipanema and the rest of Zona Sul. There are cable cars going up all day taking hoards of… Read More